LP: Solo album | TBA
CD: Fabio Perletta + Luigi Turra  | TBA
Mix. M10 / Farmacia 901, IT
Digital. Alea / LINE, US
Luigi Turra (b. 1975) is a composer and graphic designer.
His main interest is in the aural balance between silence and tactile perception of sound.
Trough the manipulation of concrete and acoustic sources, he develops acoustic paths in which listeners experience continuous pauses and subtly abrasive sound tensions. Starting from the capture of small sounds and noises, Luigi Turra creates pieces of music, that are references to beauty of the imperfection.
His work is published from labels such as Non Visual Objects (AT), and/OAR (US), Koyuki (IT), White Line (UK), LINE (US), Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), Trente Oiseaux (DE) and Farmacia901 (IT).