FUKINSEI [mAtter – 2018]
5- [Abrasivité] I
9- [Abrasivité] V

“Asymmetry or irregularity. The idea of controlling balance in a composition via irregularity and asymmetry is a central tenet of the Zen aesthetic.”

mAtter presents Fukinsei (不均斉), the fourth solo work of Luigi Turra over the last 11 years and is published two years after the sophisticated “Alea” (released by LINE). Fukinsei takes a more radical approach to the research of the perception of sound through silence and it does so through a modern electroacoustic implant which expresses a brilliant crossover between contemporary sound and ancient Japanese music tradition. Stylized Shakuhachi sounds interact with harsh textural noises, while bright sounds of diapasons and whispers of the human voice are broken by raw guitar notes to crush and sculpt with abrasiveness every aesthetic convention of symmetry and regularity.
A work by an Artist without compromises, tense and dynamic, that in its radical language supports the changes in the surrounding reality and becomes aware of the adaptation of the here and now.
Composed between January 2016 and March 2018
”完全にはない無限の可能性”である不均斉は、均等ではないその歪みや完全を超えた不完全な美を示す、日本の美しい文化を司る要素の一部であり、またその歴史的な表現に影響を受け、西洋の楽器や、ラップトップによってエディットされた音で、表現されています。ギターの響き、サインウェーブ、ヴォイス・サンプル、しかしそこに配置されているものは、グリッド状に配置される音ではなく、響きと” 間” に集中しています。
Discover a Silence
Seigo Matsuoka’s Book “Secrets of the Shinto and Buddhism” wrote below
“It is considered that emerging things that can not be expressed in terms of completeness or satisfaction will emerge due to lack. By making how to make the shortage beautiful, let people feel the beauty of satisfaction. Sei Shonagon wrote “ Small Kimono” on a Book “ MAKURA NO SOSHI (The Pillow Book). Isamu Noguch said “imperfection that is Beautiful.”
We would like to propose this work that confronts silence by various sounds and the tension.
“不足によってこそ、完全や満足という物ではあらわせないことが出現するとみなす。不足をいかに美しくするかということによって、人々の中に満足の美というものを感じさせるのです。「枕草子」はそれを「小さきもの」と言いました。イサムノグチは「不完全こそが美だ」と言いました。” とあり、この緊張感と音によって静寂と向かい合う作品を提案したいと思います。