Pierre Gerard / Luigi Turra
‘Gestes croisés / Gesti incrociati’
Granny Records [granny 31] December 2021
Crossed gestures create the alchemy of sounds
They corrode , they leave what we call residue
Like ash and sand on the interstices of the notes
They demand attention
They ask to be collected
They ask for the time necessary to observe the hidden elements
Silent gestures,
guide the hands on objects producing
secrets and insights
‘Gestes croisés / Gesti incrociati’ it is the first collaboration between Pierre Gerard and Luigi Turra, and with this work they confirm their poetics, inclined to radicalism and exploration of a universe made of details often cultivated through a silence that generates expectations and rewards attention.
A work that reaffirms the duo’s forged connections with the modern avant-garde, electroacoustic improvisation and with fragments of abstract and miniaturized jazz modeling exchanges of ideas and sounds in a period ranging from 2009 to 2021.
Susanne Gerard: voice
Pierre Gerard: voice, guitars, bass clarinet, harmonium, cello, electronic
Luigi Turra: piano, sample, bass