Exploring Indeterminacy: Aleatorie stands out for its bold embrace of indeterminacy as a central pillar of the creative process. Music generated randomly and the foray into unpredictability give rise to unique and never-reproducible compositions. This courageous choice allows the project to escape the constraints of a predetermined musical structure, opening the door to new discoveries and surprising combinations of sounds.
Silence as a Meaningful Element: In the context of Aleatorie, silence is never empty or insignificant, but rather an artistic element of great value. Through the strategic use of silence, the project creates breathing spaces, points of tension, and anticipation, inviting the listener to immerse themselves in the emotional depth of the composition. Silence becomes a focal point, an opportunity to contemplate and reflect on the unfolding sonic experiences, amplifying the overall impact of aleatory music.
Pause as a Creator of Suspense: Another element that characterizes Aleatorie is its ability to create tense and intense pauses within the composition. These pauses, filled with suspense and expectation, serve as emotional catalysts, where the listener is suspended between moments of tension and release. The skillful use of pauses allows for shaping the emotional energy of the musical experience and creating a dialogue between the composer, the work, and the audience.
“And time is what opposes our desire to stop everything, to make the present not pass, to immobilize the immobile, to make the future hasten never to arrive.”
Henri Bergson