Luigi Turra / Belinda Guerriero
LINE [Line_133] November 2022

Luigi Turra returns to LINE after 7 years since the enigmatic Alea (LINE_078) on the occasion of the first publication in collaboration with Belinda Guerriero.
After a series of sound installations presented in Germany (Produzentengalerie—Passau) and Italy (Il suono in Mostra—Udine), Turra and Guerriero present Ressac, a rework of a project commissioned in 2020 by the Italian web radio Silent Radio.
“The presence and absence of acoustic information determine the swiftness of indexical spatial perception. The context selects and eliminates, fills, and empties.
An immersion where the microphone capsule meets the object and rubs against it, replacing the physicality of the hand, acoustically reconstructing the touch. Every heard notion becomes plastic, with physical evidence.
In the matter thus worked and communicated, the piano, in impressionist parts with rarefied and distant chords, is incorporated in the wind’s thread to translate the grandeur of the non-visual horizon.
But the piano is also the ‘room in the room,’ used as a medium of almost pure tones, with hints and staccatos, fast, crystallized, anticipating a rejection of the referential narration which will then be proper to the textual content, denying itself to the melody, to the theme, and handing itself over to the instantaneous, to the moment, to the fragment.
The dualism of the piano instrument is, in fact, also the dualism of the voice instrument.The voice grafts the person and, at the same time, disperses it. The person is near and far, expanding and shattering herself, alone and multiple, stumbling over sine sounds and white noise.
It’s the scenography of a present and yet of a near future, ‘the scenography of an expectation.’ One expects only something already sensed as approaching. One only tends to the reception of what one already partly knows as existing. Waiting is always waiting for the revenir, the waiting is waiting for a return.”
—Anna Chiara Bassan
Luigi Turra (Sound)
Belinda Guerriero (Texts, voice)
Mastering: Fabio Perletta
Thanks to: Richard Chartier, Anna Chiara Bassan, Fabio Perletta, and Tiberio Faedi

Radio interview (with Tiberio Faedi) about “Ressac”